Yoga for Endurance 


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Why Yoga?

You can do many forms of training to improve your flexibility.  The power of Yoga is in the integration of breathing and potential to connect the mind, body and spirit.  You will find not only improvements in range of motion with all the related benefits; you will also notice benefits to your relaxation and ability to focus.  

This DVD was ​created by swimmer and triathlete coach Steve Tarpinian.  After years of learning, testing and experimenting with many forms of flexibility training, Steve developed this dynamic sequence of stretches incorporated in to a Yoga sequence that will help even the tightest athlete improve their range of motion. He chose an inspired teacher of Yoga, Mary Angela Buffo, to be the technical expert and help guide you through the program.  Even this program's artistic director is a triathlete and Yoga practitioner.  

Do you want:

    1.  Better performance?

    2.  Fewer injuries?

    3.  A longer career?

    4.  Faster recovery?

    5.  More focus?

    6.  Better breathing?

    7.  Less aches and pains?


​If so, this DVD contains a very efficient routine that you can do without any props other than a rope or strap and do it in thirty minutes or less.  Commit to doing this routine three times a week for two weeks and see for yourself, the limitless growth available for you with Yoga.

Steve Tarpinian has been on a quest for optimal performance since he was  twelve years old and started swimming competitively.  After his swimming career was finished upon graduation from college, he put his efforts into triathlon.  With triathlon, he decided to first become a cyclist, then a runner to experience these sports fully.  Along the way, he started to see how important flexibility and strength training were to performance and injury prevention.  This led him to studying all forms of flexibility training.  A yoga class was thrown in every few months, but he never seemed to find the time to dedicate himself to a practice. When he did, the rewards were far greater than he had expected.  

Mary Angela Buffo is a certified hatha yoga teacher in the Anusara style and is a Kripalu Yoga teacher.  One of the reasons Steve chose Mary Angela to work on this project is that in addition to her incredible knowledge and skill as a Yoga instructor, she is and has been an avid runner for over twenty years, successfully completing marathons and shorter road races.  Her intention is to bring people back to their bodies so that they can empower their lives.  Mary Angela has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation for over twenty years.  Her studio in Southampton, NY; Ananda Yoga Center, is a beacon of harmony and tranquility.