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Take the guesswork out of your swim training.  In SwimPower 2, Steve Tarpinian steps you through the technique drills you need to improve your body position and improve power generation from your pull, kick and rotation.  These are the most effective drills that Steve Tarpinian and his staff have used successfully in swim clinics worldwide over the past ten years.  

What is the difference between SwimPower and SwimPower 2?

SwimPower 2 builds on the lessons taught in SwimPower (SwimPower 1); it actually replaces SwimPower 1.

Do you know who Rip Esselstyn is?

In the 80's and 90's, Rip was a top pro usually exiting the water first and finishing in the top ten in all the biggest triathlons; Alcatraz, St. Croix, Buffalo Springs, USTS events and Hawaii Ironman.  At age 39 years old, Rip dusted the entire field at the XTerra World Championships in Maui to take the award for overall fastest swim time.  How does he do it?  Get SwimPower 2 and not only see how, but get to see Rip demonstrating some of the techniques along with other top triathletes; Steve Tarpinian, Amity Hall, Marc Grabisch and Jenna Shoemaker.