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Take the guesswork out of your swim training.  In SwimPower 3, Steve Tarpinian steps you through the technique drills you need to improve your body position and improve power generation from your pull, kick and rotation.  These are the most effective drills that Steve and his staff have used successfully in swim clinics worldwide over the past 10 years.

SwimPower 3 is the third in a series of swim videos created by Steve Tarpinian:

SwimPower:  Unlock Your Ultimate Potential.  A ground breaking video that clearly broke down freestyle swimming to show how, by the application of four basic drills,  technique and swimming speed can be improved for all levels of swimmers.  (1994)

SwimPower 2: Synergistic Swimming.  In the years between this DVD and the first video, all the principles of SwimPower were proven to be just as valid.  Over the ten year span of working with several hundred swimmers at clinics in Europe and North America, Steve and his coaches perfected ten drills (five for rotation/body position and five for pulling) that, when done correctly, guarantee improvement.  In this DVD, these ten drills are shown in a way to make them easy to do correctly, including showing the common mistakes swimmers make so they can be corrected quickly. (2004)

SwimPower 3: Improve Effective Pull.   With over twenty years of swim coaching, Steve and his coaches have seen a recurring theme; the difficulty swimmers have with practicing the proper pull pattern and how difficult it is to get powerful at doing that technique.  This video focuses on this one priciple.  Does it get results?  How about an average 26 seconds off your 500 time in eight weeks?  Yes, check out the data; better yet, get started today doing the SwimPower 3 exercises. (2010)