Swim Power 3 

This DVD will show how to do sport specific strength training for freestyle swimming to improve both your technique and the effective power of every stroke you take!   More info...

SwimPower 2: Synergistic Swimming

This is Steve Tarpinian's SwimPower 2 video on DVD. Detailing drills and technique swimming, this follow-up video will show you how to build strength and propel form to exceed your existing level.  More info...

TTU Triathlon Training Manuals

Two manuals are available; one for 1/2 Ironman and Ironman and one for Sprint and Olympic Distance.  Both manuals contain over 50 pages of training and racing info.  Whether you need a complete daily training program or just training and racing information, these manuals are for you!

Yoga for Endurance Athletes

Flexibility training is one of those things every coach and athlete will admit they should do more of.  Yet few are doing this on a regular basis. Most people skip this part of training because they simply do not know how to best do an efficient program that gets results.  More info...

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Water Workouts

Deep-water running, aqua aerobics, and swimming.

A professional trainer's advice on everything from basic stroke technique to advanced training programs

Written for all skill levels of multisport athletes, this book helps swimmers create individualized training programs for better stroke technique, maximum enjoyment, and improved performance.