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Steve Tarpinian


Steve has a Bachelors and Masters in Engineering with several advanced degrees and certificates in health and sport related subjects. He did his first triathlon in 1981.  After working for three years as an Electrical Engineer, Steve decided to change careers to work in the sports/fitness/health field and started coaching in 1985.  Realizing that he had a genuine gift for helping swimmers improve, he immediately started conducting swim clinics.  That "gift" was developed by a strong desire (since age 10) to be the best swimmer he could be.  Starting out as a poor swimmer, he became a student of the sport and developed a video and books to help others.  

Steve was a charter member National Coaching Committee that created the USAT Coaching Certification Program.   As a fitness consultant, Steve uses a personal approach to successfully help people reach their potential.  His specialties include swimming, creating effective complete swim/bike/run programs and flexibility/strength training.  He has authored three books:

  - The Essential Swimmer

  - The Triathlete's Guide to Swim Training

  - Water Workouts

​Steve is the creator of the critically acclaimed video series SwimPower and the Yoga for Endurance Athletes DVD.  He uses his swimming and triathlon competition experience (including the Hawaii Ironman) and extensive education in his coaching and in all of his fitness consulting services.  His genuine enthusiasm and caring is evidenced in clinics, events and services.  He has experience working with athletes of all levels including several professionals (including three World Champions).  His favorite level of athlete to work with however, is the beginner to intermediate athlete.  

Steve loves to be around athletes and his favorite part of the triathlon is the run.  He enjoys the simplicity and purity of the sport.

Steve's coaching philosophy:

"The Beauty is in the Balance"; the more I work with athletes from beginner juniors and age groupers all the way up to and including Hawaii Ironman and Olympic Champions, I am convinced that balancing all aspects of training and life help every athlete reach their potential.  It is the small things applied consistently that make the big difference.  SwimPower 3 is a prime example.